Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone’s holidays were joyous!
Stay safe throughout the season with Dekalb Police Dept. Public Education’s Al Fowler’s tips: Holiday Tips

Updates in the area
The Avondale East development submitted four new home plans that can be found here:

229 3rd Ave.

3217 Rockbridge Rd.

3223 Rockbridge Rd.

3229 Rockbridge Rd.

Avondale East sketch plat Revised

Stop Work Order
380 Glendale Rd. submitted an application for demolition in 2017, but no other permit has been applied for or approved. The botched build-out has sparked a very long discussion after a neighbor nearby posted the thread on Nextdoor. Our Scottdale Overlay District regulates building and architectural standards in the area. BMP (best management practices) requires silt fencing and tree protection fencing to both prevent silt runoff into our streams and state waters, and to protect and preserve our specimen trees on sites. Multiple code violations on the site include: working after hours and on sundays, lack of adequate BMP, adhering to the Scottdale Overlay’s materials requirements and others. Dekalb County Inspectors recently issued a Stop Work Order on the property until the owner resolves these problems. 

Traffic Calming
Ohm Ave. has been approved for traffic calming devices (speed bumps), the street has been marked and we hope to see the installation soon. Cedar St. has applied for traffic devices as well.

Additional Development
Stoney River Builders has submitted building permits for 4 homes at 3117 Cedar, called Cedar Mills. We appreciate developers like Stoney River, who strive to protect our mature trees and whose crews are well trained. Plans can be found here: Cedar Mills Applications.

A Stop Work Order remains in effect since November, for the properties at 3118 Cedar St., 3122 Cedar, 3108 Cedar, and 3109 and 3089 Cherry Street, all owned by Dean Sidorski. He illegally cleared these lots when he had no permit for demolition or land disturbance. Neighbors adjacent to his properties alerted county inspectors and Dekalb Police. The red SWO sign can be found at Cherry Street on the fence surrounding one of his properties.

Two homes whose plans were approved in August are being built by BRK, at 3103 and 3165 Kelly St. One is adjacent to the PATH. 

New Street Signs:
Neighbor Charlie Frank requested that Dekalb county replace old and hard to read street signs in the neighborhood. From his notes: “The office said they don’t have a regular maintenance schedule for many of the smaller roads, so they only can respond to requests from homeowners. Many of the stop signs and street name signs were installed in the early 1990s and had no reflectivity left (the fire department actually said they had difficulty finding a street because of this).”
Charlie encourages all neighbors to call Dekalb Transportation if you see any signs that are faded or covered in grime, and especially stop signs and street name signs.

Contacts for Dekalb’s Transportation Dept:

David W. Pelton, P.E.DeKalb County Transportation Division1950 West Exchange Place, 4th FloorTucker, Georgia 30084Tel. 770-492-5223dwpelton@dekalbcountyga.gov
Patrece Keeter: pgkeeter@dekalbcountyga.gov770-492-5206

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