cropped-img_4957.jpgAvondale Rockbridge Civic Alliance (ARCA)

Although our community was active on social media in 2011 (i-Neighbor and our closed Facebook group) the Avondale Rockbridge Civic Alliance was formally founded in 2012. ARCA’s bylaws and original Steering Committee document can be found at links at the bottom of this page.

Our neighborhood civic alliance works to protect your community and we can’t do it without your input and your help. Please feel free to contact us with any news you would like to add.

We are located in the Scottdale Overlay District that consists of Tiers I, II III, IV and V. Tier 1 is commercial. The density of units per acre for each Tier varies but the cap for this Traditional Neighborhood classification is 12 units/acre. You can find our overlay design regulations in the county municode here.

Co-Chairs: Anne Gilliam-Blair, Victoria Webb

Victoria Webb has lived in the Avondale-Rockbridge community since 1987. She is a member of the Dekalb County District 4 Community Council, appointed by Commissioner Steve Bradshaw. She also serves as a District Supervisor on the Dekalb Soil & Water Conservation District, appointed by the state’s Soil & Water Conservation Commission which partners with the state EPD. You can find out more about GA Soil & Water Conservation Commission here.

Since 2010 Victoria Webb and neighbor James Gelin received building and development sketch plats 10 days prior to public hearings, from Planning staff. The Scottdale Community Alliance was defunct at the time, and there was no representative receiving plats as required in the Scottdale Overlay language. Robert Young, a Scottdale resident who worked to develop our overlay district from 2006 to 2008, received them as well. I post the pdf files here as they come in, for public review. Additionally, our 2018 enacted Scottdale Overlay Text Amendment requires notification to ARCA leadership.

Our civic alliance is also a member of CAN (Civic Association Network).

Contact: vic (at) or arcaneighbors (at)

ARCA Steering Com, Annual Mtg minutes 1.9.12 Bylaws

ARCA Steering Com, Annual Meet mins 1.9.12

Update: Scottdale Overlay Text Amendment draft 2.26.18

See Attachment 1 for the Final Scottdale Overlay Text Amendment 9.25.18

Map of the Scottdale Overlay District can be found here.